Tuesday, March 20, 2018

A Wild Ride!

Hmmmm! What are the highlights of our last four weeks. So much has happened, so many lessons learned, so many prayers answered, so many tears, fears, smiles and praise to Father in Heaven. 
   February 15, I was busy getting ready for our first choir rehearsal when I got a phone call from Dad’s work. Dad had collapsed and was being taken to a hospital. I headed out feeling very calm that he must have a virus and I would take him home and resume my work. I went to the hospital that I was told only to spend 90 minutes trying to get to Death Valley hospital. Morgan joined me for the long hours while we were told nothing for hours. We finally were accosted by a jerk Dr. Corinthian (name changed to protect the not so innocent.) When we quiried the reason for admission to the hospital-a worry as this hospital, thankfully is not in our insurance network, he informed us in a snotty voice that we were not in jail and if we wanted to take the unconscious Steve we were welcome to do so. 
    After I called the insurance for approval, we walked upstairs with Steve after him being so ill and in the emergency room for 9 hours. We were informed that he had a stroke after an MRI. I came home around 11:00. I had been blessed to have Stephane, Morgan, Hayden, Maddie and the Townsend’s. We also had Leger’s and Ryan Larsen come to the hospital also. I spent the night in a very cold house with my heart breaking. I missed my sweetheart and wondered what lay ahead for us. 

   We brought him home the following day with instructions to see many doctors. We have had a physical therapist for two weeks in our home. We saw Dr. Cope who helped us to find Dr. Reddy our cardiologist and Dr. Duvarney our neurologist. In assessing Steve’s heart, he had to have a trans-esophageal echocardiogram TEE. That procedure set Steve back. We have spent the next three weeks with Steve losing a lot of ground. His first and worst symptom was vomiting. He couldn’t keep anything down. I kept calling the doctors and taking him in. Finally last week, Dr. Cope took X-rays and decided that Steve needed help. He ordered many medicines and procedures, very painful to endure, to help. We had to take him in for IV fluids on Tuesday. He had 4 liters before he could go to the bathroom. He was given a fifth liter and had to go see the cardiologist. We were told that if his system didn’t start by Thursday that we needed to go to an emergency room. We finally went on Friday. We once again asked for prayers. We spent the entire day there! I was starting to feel nervous about procedures and worried about my sweetheart. He has literally been starving to death in front of me. I was wishing that they would do a CT scan, when Dr. Valenti came in and said he wanted one also. The scan came back clean. I know it was a miracle. He gave us a new prescription and good advice. We are finally feeling like Steve is headed the right direction. In the midst of this, we also had to see a orthopedic doctor for a second opinion. He was a big boar of a doctor. Two hour appointment, no X-rays, just a lot of boarish stories trying to make himself look good and then he says he doesn’t think the shoulder wore out because of Steve’s job....lifting 3 tons of paper daily for 30 years. Yes, that Dr. Andersdaughter (again a name change to protect the you-know-what! ) I am so grateful for Steve’s progress. I have been so lonely. He has been so sick that it was like he wasn’t here with me. I grateful for his arms around me. 
At Death Valley right after the stroke

Waiting to the TEE




At LDS hospital emergency room

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


I showed this picture to a friend and she loved it. I am going to be sharing some treasures for the next little while. I got this picture on a cold December day. The quail loved their perch on the raspberry bushes. They felt confident that I was not a foe although they felt I needed a lot of scolding. They posed until I got this lovely shot.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Hope Rewarded

  I harbor a lot of hope in my heart. Especially hope in my Savior. My greatest hope is for the day when He returns to the earth in glory to reign and teach us all. I love the lessons that nature teaches about hope. Here is my favorite.
   Each Autumn, I nurture hope as I prepare my garden spaces. I make sure that seeds are planted. I make sure they are protected. I prepare their beds as best I can. I hope to see a glorious display of color that can't be duplicated by humans. And then comes the long, dark, cold and trying winter. Cold with super powers that can penetrate any shelter I seek. But worse than the cold comes the absence of color. I do see, understand and cherish the beauty of winter also. But the color is gone. It seems like the colorless season has more than it's share of time each year.
   But my hope is rewarded with color. Fabulous color. It is short lived and so I need to be grateful and appreciative all the time. It is here right now. The glorious colorful, fragrant reward of hoping through a gray and frigid winter. I share with you now some of my favorite scenes in my yard.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Get Along Little Family

When my father passed away last April, I wanted to spend more time with the extended family. We hosted a very large reunion in August. It included not only my Father and Mother's offspring but included both of their siblings families. With the amazing mind of my sister helping me, we had a Wild West Reunion. We chose a sheriff, my brother Steve. We had a mine, tonsorial parlor, shoot out, photo booth and saloon. the food tables were actually covered wagons. It will be more fun to show through photos......
The Morning Star Saloon. I think this was the favorite 'booth'. Morgan served flavored soda. There was a long the entire time.

Miss Morgan and KC ran the Saloon

Sheriff Hulse

Mom and Steve enjoy the festivities

Calvin gets a mustache!

Shoot Out at the OK Corral

Dallix gets a shave.

A fortunate event. Aunt Ruth reads the noodles

And Aunt Laurie captures fortune from the wind.

My favorite picture of Superman

Yes, We had a jail. 

Deputy Tucker was a bag of 'gold'.

My favorite part of the reunion!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Of Course We Will Ponderize!

We were so excited for all we heard at Conference this past weekend. And we loved the idea of choosing a scripture to ponder and memorize each week. Superman and I decided to incorporate this into our Family Home Evening. Last night was as hectic as always but I had chosen this scripture. Steve read it and agreed that there is lot to think about, pray about and ponder in the following scripture. As I repeat it to myself, I insert a different child's name and the meaning is so deepened for me. I wasn't looking for this type of scripture, but feel like I was lead to it this week:
Moroni 8:2-3
 My beloved son, Moroni, I rejoice exceedingly that your Lord Jesus Christ hath been mindful of you, and hath called you to his ministry, and to his holy work.
 I am mindful of you always in my prayers, continually praying unto God the Father in the name of his Holy Child, Jesus, that he, through his infinite goodness and grace, will keep you through the endurance of faith on his name to the end.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

So Glad It Hurts

He is off! I feel so wrapped in the love of my Heavenly Father. We had a smooth morning sending Elder Johnson into service. He was set apart last evening. As we sat waiting for his interview, I felt very lonely and overwhelmed by the negative things that have flung themselves at me. I was wishing for family support. In walks Marinda and her wonderful family. It was just what I needed. He received a wonderful blessing to aid him in his journeys and experiences from President McReynolds. Dallix was given the privilege of sitting on Carter's lap for the blessing. I did have one panic moment as the blessing was not a quick prayer and I peeked and saw Liam. I was worried that I might hear, "Blah, blah, blah" But he was great. The only things he whispered was , 'You 're supposed to close your eyes.'    I didn't sleep very well and I know Carter didn't either. But we got up on time and left the house around 5:30. After negotiating the parking and making our way into the terminal, we found a group of Elders and their families waiting at the United counted. I was immediately hugged by two of the moms. From then on we were in capable hands. The United attendant helped us check in and we talked for a few minutes before letting the Elders get into the TSA check point line. We were able to watch him go through security and even waited until we saw him walking towards his terminal on the second floor. I am so happy so why does it hurt a little? Because that Carter isn't going to come back. A wiser, stronger Carter will return to us. He is ready for this. I feel the blessings of Father in Heaven. He is my strength. I love you so much little Carter. I hope your flight from the nest is glorious. 730 days until we meet again.
Officially a missionary. I was so happy that I was crying!

The moment is near

I love my men

Hugs for Dad

Hugs for Mom...this is the thing I will miss, the licking? Not so much.

Into the TSA roped off area

I love his smile

Moving along. Superman was all excited by the man over Carter's shoulder.

That dude with the white sleeve is some BYU basketball player.

If I could add an arrow. He is at the check point!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Happily Ever After-ing

  I have to admit that I was so in love with Steve that I didn't care what kind of party we had. It was so perfect. He was there. I chose the colors of blue and green. Green is my favorite color. I just thought blue would give the boys some representation. If I had thought things through, I should had chosen peach to represent Steve's favorite color. But back then, I would have really caused a stir with those colors. I will finish the story with photos.

Young untried hands. They certainly don't look like that now!

..And they loved happily ever after..

Our line: Randy Johnson, Brian Johnson, Steve Hulse, Jay Hulse, Ken Meldrum, Helen Johnson, Alan Johnson, Superman, Me, Sherry Hulse, Ted Hulse, Debi Martin, Lori langston, Nancy Beckstead, LeeAnn McKinnon, Paula Hill, Brian Hulse and Daron Johnson

My family- I miss my brother Chuck.

Steve's Family

Our strong support staff...they had saved us with a strong heritage, advice and protection over the years.

My serving girls. Mostly cousins: Shireen Watanbe, Sister Parkin, Patsy Smith, Kathy Sjoberg, Holly Tippets, Heidi Hood. (I put their married names to make histories easier). 

My friend Lisa Youngdell Gandy took care of our guests. I really wish I had a picture of my friends and myself. I had my best friends as bridesmaids- LeeAnn Youngdell McKinnon and Paula Schefield Hill and I don't have a good picture of them Regret!

My mother's loving friends: Lucille Barlow and Wonnie Iverson (Mom- I will change the spelling if you can tell me the right way to spell her name!)

Steve and his best friend Ken Meldrum.

Howard Pitman, Florence Pitman, Helen Jane Pitman Johnson, Stephen Howard Johnson, Alan Aaron Johnson, Sarah Newby Johnson

More of my princess day

My cousin Miriam Sabir and my Grandmother Hazel Stocks Davila

Love this picture of my beautiful mother and handsome brother.
Cutting the Cake
I loved this photo of all the men squishing Steve. He had a pin in his knee from surgery 6 weeks before. 
I guess this sums up the event!

Loved my cake!